WIN Media has developed a revolutionary sales tool that shows your sales executives how they can stand behind a value proposition and not sell discounted inventory.


Too often inexperienced (and veteran sales executives) are coerced by potential advertisers to discount inventory in order to close a sale. 

WIN Media knows the goal of all media companies is to maximize return on inventory.



WIN Media will show you the level that your sales team is capable of operating at with a little coaching, guidance and leadership.


WIN Media knows lack of market activity is quite possibly the root of all media company problems.


The high turnover of sales people in an organization leads to the employment of sales people who don't fully understand what it takes to generate the revenue required for a media company to be successful.

WIN Media will show you how better preparation can significantly increase NEW incremental revenue.





WIN Media will show you how improved planning, presenting and closing capabilities will lead to increased NEW revenue generation and profitability.


WIN Media knows there are a number of character traits and behaviours displayed by sales executives that limit the optimization of inventory and inter-alia revenue generation at media outlets.

WIN Media's revolutionary sales process and tools will help sales teams generate value for all inventory.



WIN Media has developed a revolutionary sales process that sales teams benefit from implementing.


Most sales managers in media companies are extremely busy running a business over and above leading sales teams.

This can lead to a lack of support for and demotivation of a sales team.


WIN Media will help your sales team perform optimally, generate the results your media organization is looking for and stay motivated.


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