WIN Media Group is PASSIONATE about motivating sales executives to bridge the gap between local business and media companies.

We create relevant solutions making mass media accessible and affordable to local business and create effective partnerships for all parties.

annual advertising

The key to creating a successful local business is to advertise on a relevant consistent basis. Inviting the exact part (targeted) of the community to do business on a daily basis, with an emotionally driven, market focused, branding message designed to establish (or reinforce) a market equity platform.


This rule applies to B2C, B2B, non-profit, and all other business categories.


Sadly, too many local business owners are afraid of commiting to long term advertising campaigns in case this advertising doesn't work.

The majority will only agree to "try it and see if it works" or they advertise when it's "their season" or that time of year for their "annual event".


Media Sales Executives are also affected by this attitude and often don't handle objections effectively.


WIN Media bridges the gap between local business and media sales executives by showing local business how relevant consistent advertising can meaningfully impact their business, how sales executives can truly help and why traditional media is still the correct option.

sporadic advertising

Sporadic advertising is too often the basis of many a business's advertising "strategy". Sadly it's not driven by strategic thinking, rather by conditioning and belief in false economy.


Sporadic (seasonal, occasional or ad hoc) advertising should only be used once a reputation, or brand equity, or market position has been FIRMLY established by a business.


This form of advertising is designed to add new or short term customers (and revenue) to the business's base of already established customers.


Media Sales Executives, unable to justify the value in a long term advertising sale often succumb to local business wishes to buy advertising this way only.


WIN Media will demonstrate for local business owners how the strategic use of sporadic advertising can generate a positive, long term benefit in their business.

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